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Q: How do I coil the antennas onto the tube? Is it important how to coil the tubes?
A: Yes, this is very important! For an easier and more secure understanding, see “Installing the Ecosystem Physical Water Treatment.” video. If you have any further questions, we recommend first of all to visit our Facebook page and then our customer service.

Q: How do we know if water treatment is successful?
A: Man cannot yet measure, prove, map with his current instruments. What can be easily controlled is the perception of our senses, for example, taste and sight.
Anyone can detect changes in the water flowing through a water treatment plant.

  • After a few hours, you will see the effects of the descaling ability. As long as you remember to take measurements and photos before installing the device! Many of us forget to do this and there will be nothing to take photos of later :o)
  • Fill a jug of water before installing the appliance. Then, once you have installed the device, let the old water run out of the tap for a few minutes, pour the treated water into a glass and compare the taste with the old water.
  • Our most accurate instrument is the opinion of our children. In our test, 100 out of 100 children preferred to drink the treated water!

Q: We have very hard water, are you sure the device will work?
A: The device has been specifically designed to cope with different water compositions and the water it treats prevents scale build-up.

Q: Is it necessary to have an electricity outlet within reach?
A: Yes! The device needs electricity to operate, so if there is currently no power source near the main water supply, you should consider installing one.

Q: We use a lot of water, how do I decide which appliance to choose?
A: To choose the right device, you need to consider the speed of water flow through the mains when it is in peak use, i.e. when it is used by several people, when watering the garden, etc.

The device can convert a limited amount of water in an hour. The Home mini can handle about 1000 liters of water in 1 hour, while the Well Treatment can handle about 2000 liters of water. With higher flow rate, the effect achieved is gradually reduced.

The optimum maximum flow rate of the Home mini is ~16.61 liters per minute (about 1000 liters per hour). You can easily check the maximum flow rate you are using to see if it is right for you, if we take a 10 liters bucket and take measurements at the points where we use more water.

Go to the tap (bathtub, sink tap, shower stall tap, garden tap, etc.) and measure how many liters of water came out of the tap in about 30 seconds. It is important to open the tap as much as you would open it for general use (usually 80-90% maximum).

You can also take this measurement on a tap in your garden if it is fed by the same treated water. For quick-connect garden hoses, it is also worth measuring the permeability of the hose with a bucket specifically for the hose head detachment liner.

If less than 8 liters of water flowed out in 30 seconds, the Home mini is recommended. If you are using more water continuously (not usually the case), i.e. 9 liters or more of water in 30 seconds, you should choose the double-capacity Well Treatment unit.