With nearly 30 years of experience, we offer our devices for use anywhere in the world! The installation can be done easily by anyone, just a few meters of antenna to the water pipe, connect the device and say goodbye to water stone deposits, whether in your apartment, house or even in a city water system!

Installation of Home mini and Well Treatment

For the best information on how to get equipped, watch the video above! You can read the most important questions highlighted here:

  • You can start by coiling up any color antenna, no matter the direction of the water flow. It is important that if you mount all 4 antennas on 1 pipe (this is usually the case), they must always follow each other, of the same color! The correct coiling order should be “red red blue blue” or “blue blue red red”
  • If you have 2 incoming pipes (in flats, it may be the case that hot and cold water come in on separate pipes), then install 1 red and 1 blue antenna on each pipe. The order here can be anything, the important thing is to put 1 red and 1 blue antenna on each pipe separately.
  • The direction of the antennas should not be just any direction, you can see the correct direction in the video above.
  • If space is tight, you can coil the antennas of the same color on top of each other and the device will work fine.
  • Secure both ends of the coiled antenna coils with cable ties, so a total of 8 fixings will be needed on the tube.

Installed devices