This patented process is essentially based on replicating the effects that rainwater has in nature. These effects allow for a definitive descaling.

The Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla was already working on the effects of electromagnetic pulses on water. On this basis, development started 30 years ago.

The Bases

In nature, water contains minerals in its original structure in a form that would not precipitate scale or iron. This is due to the fact that in nature, water, in the form of rain, passes through the earth’s magnetic field, which causes the structure of the water to change.
The water thus formed by nature falls on the earth, which flows through the layers of earth, dissolving the minerals and taking them with it. This is the natural flow of the water, which is how it would be delivered to us, with its properly structured minerals.

Unfortunately, due to human external influences, these waters are structurally transformed before they reach us. As a result of this transformation, the properties of the minerals in the water are changed, and the minerals in the water will be precipitated out of the water for later use, in our homes, our machines, our plants, our animals and everything else that comes into contact with water. We can easily see this when we look at our taps in the house, our shower heads, our kettles and other water-using appliances. Limestone always precipitates, sometimes to a lesser or greater extent, depending on the amount of limestone in the water.

A Hungarian water researcher, Mihály Nacsa, became addicted to water and created a patented device that can transform water using a magnetic field into a structure that closely resembles naturally occurring rainwater.
The scale in the treated water does not precipitate in our appliances, our plants or in us.

However, the treated water regains its vitality, similar to rainwater. The development of physical water treatment devices has been going on for more than 30 years and they now perform almost perfectly in any part of the world, despite the sometimes extreme variations in water conditions.

How water is treated

The manufacturer strives to focus on natural values in the development process and thus to achieve an ideal level of natural ionic balance and content. The patented technology for water treatment and water quality improvement is all about transforming the grid structure of water into a near life-nourishing form.

The essence of the patent is to facilitate the conversion of minerals into an ionic structure. It treats water physically, using magnetic fields and frequency pulses, which takes on the properties of rainwater but does not chemically alter the water. The new properties mean that scale no longer precipitates, but is removed in a dissolved state with the water.

The magnetic treatment also immediately starts dissolving scale and other substances that have been deposited in the water pipes for a long time.
The limestone floating in the water breaks down into a small number of disc-shaped limestone crystals (aragonite) and a large amount of carbonic acid (CaCo3 > CaCo1 + CO2), so that the limestone-carbonic acid balance is disrupted, forcing the system to absorb limestone.
The breakdown of the old limestone deposits takes until the equilibrium is restored, which is visible from the first use. The breakdown of the old layer can also be detected by the accumulation of limestone particles in the filters of the taps, so our filters should be checked more often after the appliances have been used than before the water treatment!

Limestone crystals will be visible on various surfaces (taps, glasses, etc.) even when the water is treated, in the event of drying out or evaporation, but in harmless form. These limestone crystals do not grow, they do not stick together hard, but are layered as loose crystals (aragonite structure), so that complete descaling takes place. A floating material is created in the treated water, which can be washed away by running water or easily wiped away in dry conditions.

Mineral usage

Water with a looser physical structure has a better solubility, so everything dissolves better in water (vitamins, minerals, fats, enzymes, micro- and macroelements, chemicals, solvents) The looser structure of water improves its properties and quality.

In plants, animals and humans, only the minerals, salts and vitamins that are able to bind chelates are suitable for absorption, and drinking water is already low in macro and micro elements that are important for us, although if we consume water poor in minerals over the long term, deficiency problems can develop as a consequence.

Home mini

Physical water treatment device, for family houses and water uses with lower consumption.

Well Treatment

For water treatment, drilled wells, multi-family houses, industrial facilities and smaller water uses.

Inhibiting the growth of bacteria, algae

Water scale deposits harbor bacteria

The scale deposits that precipitate in water systems, reservoirs and pipes are home to bacteria and algae that grow in the water. The porous structure of the scale traps bacteria and is a breeding ground for them. Water purifiers have mainly used toxic chlorination, hypoxia and other chemicals to control the bacteria that grow in drinking water networks.

Physical treatment of the water dissolves scale and other deposits (e.g. iron), eliminating the breeding ground for bacteria and algal spores. On a clean pipe wall, bacterial strains cannot adhere and there is no space for them to multiply.

Easier cleaning

Physical water treatment changes the crystallization properties of limestone, not the quality of the water!
The effect of water treatment is to remove the altered limestone or iron floating in the water with the effluent.

If a spot of water dries after the treated water, the limestone will be visible as the minerals do not evaporate but remain on surfaces such as tubs, trays and glasses. However, in treated water, these minerals do not stick. In addition to preserving the condition of the water pipes and appliances, this makes the cleaning of wet rooms in the home noticeably easier, cheaper and more convenient, as lime and iron stains can be easily removed with a damp sponge or cloth after soaking.

Scale deposits are still visible after two cleanings a week
Treated water no longer causes scale deposits