Ökosystem Well Treatment

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Ökosystem Well Treatment
Product Details
Brand: Renewal-System

With its higher capacity, the Ökosystem Well Treatment device can cope with the power of pumps servicing drilled wells and of course it can also easily handle the live-water service of your family home. Of course, it depends a lot on the power of the motor, but generally speaking, treating 2000 liters of water within 1 hour will be sufficient in most cases. If you need more than that, there is of course a solution, contact our customer service!

During the water treatment process, the structure of limestone and other minerals is transformed by an external physical effect (magnetic field), so that they can no longer deposit harmful deposits, thus preventing the formation of scale.
When used, the effect is activated immediately, which also dissolves the water scale that has been deposited over the years before use, thus cleaning all our systems that come into contact with water.

To achieve these effects, the device transforms the water into something very similar to the structure of rainwater, which is much better utilized by living organisms on the ground.

The Well Treatment device is sufficient to treat the entire water supply of an above-average domestic house, but also for small industrial applications. As in all cases, the main water supply pipe must be selected to install the device.

There is no difference in the operation of the Well Treatment and the Home mini, only in their performance, so the Well Treatment can treat more water at the same time.

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Technical details:

Warranty: 3 years
Number of antennas: 4, 2 blue and 2 red antennas
Power consumption: 3 W / hour
Capacity: 32,22 liters / minute
Size: (length x width x height) 24,5 x 17 x 10,5 cm
Protection: IP65
Operating voltage: ~230 V/50 Hz
Operating frequency: 1,5 kHz - 9 kHz