• No more water scale, clean pipes and equipment
  • Water transports oxygen more usefully for the living creatures
  • Soft, silky water that cares for the skin
  • Cleaning with water becomes easier, thanks to the renewed solubility of water
  • All minerals are delivered to their destination
  • Oxygen is present in the water in a more processable form

Ökosystem Physical water treatment

With the Ökosystem Home Mini and Ökosystem Well Treatment, you can fully eliminate water scale deposits in your household. Installation is simple and we provide a video. As well as eliminating the scale problem in the wake of treated water, the oxygen that is so important for living organisms is also much easier to obtain from treated living water than from untreated water. The products are based on a patent by Hungarian water scientist Mihály Nacsa, making them unique in the world. More than 30 years of experience have enabled the ready-to-use products to work successfully with almost any water composition, anywhere in the world.

“”At the heart of our water treatment and water quality improvement technology is the ability to transform the grid structure of water into a near life-nourishing form.” Renewal Hungary Ltd.

Areas of application

Physical water treatment devices can be used in both residential and industrial environments, and can even be of great use in livestock and agriculture! You wouldn’t believe how many places have problems with scale deposits.

Household appliances: cleaning scale deposits around kettles, taps, shower heads. Use of treated water for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

Heating systems: no more scale problems, our systems retain their quality and function as expected for much longer..

Livestock: animals will be healthier and thrive better when using live water.

Pools, aquatic facilities: the silkiness of the water gives beachgoers an extra enjoyable experience and eliminates the build-up of scale and other mineral precipitates.

Car wash: water does not dry on the surface of the car thanks to its modified structure, and the car wash itself requires less maintenance, as the scale is simply washed off with water.

Cleaning with water: treated water is better at dissolving minerals, making it more effective for cleaning.

Family house pools: the skin of pool users will not dry out from the untreated water, the scale will not build up around the pool, and the scale that has already built up can be wiped off with a cloth after water treatment.

Vegetable garden, greenhouse: the plants grow faster due to easier uptake of the oxygen molecule and become much more resistant to pathogens.

Thermal baths: mineral-rich thermal waters do not deposit minerals in solid form when using physical water treatment.

Drilled wells: the recovery of water extracted from wells, in many cases the removal of large amounts of mineral precipitation.

Watering plants: plants can make better use of living water, so they grow bigger and more beautiful and are more drought resistant.

Home mini

Physical water treatment device, for family houses and water uses with lower consumption.

Well Treatment

For water treatment, drilled wells, multi-family houses, industrial facilities and smaller water uses.

Expected results of water treatment

  • Improved enjoyment of water (taste, smell, silkiness, etc.).
  • The water breaks down and loosens the bound structure of the scale over a period of 50 to 70 hours, so that the deposits are removed by the flow of the water and by purification.
  • The softened water dissolves the impurities better, requiring 30-50% less detergent. Cleaning is easier.
  • Scaling is removed from water heating equipment, making it 10-15% more economical to heat water.
  • When watered with treated water, plants grow more vigorously and produce more beautiful crops and flowers.
  • The waterlogged surface can be wiped clean of water stone after prolonged soaking in treated water.
  • When watering plants, the treated water is better utilized by the plant, the water dissolves the mineral salts better and is therefore better absorbed by the plant.